What Teams Have The Top Corner Pairings In Pro Kabaddi Season 9?

The top corner pairings are one of the most crucial pairs on a live Pro Kabaddi team. Due to the fact that they are the ones who must coordinate with one another when attempting tackles, corner duos are very important to a team. The other players in the corner may lose out to the raiders and lose many points as a result of a poorly timed tackle by one of the top corner pairings.

In light of that, let’s take a deeper look at some of the top corner teams from Season 9 of Vivo Pro Kabaddi.

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Sahul Kumar and Ankush (Jaipur Pink Panthers)

Jaipur Pink Panthers had an outstanding season because of the defensive duo of Ankush and Sahul Kumar, who played at the peak of their game. Ankush, who made his debut, had the most tackle points this year with 89. With 56 tackle points, Sahul Kumar carried the majority of the Panthers’ defensive load.

Sahul, an Uttar Pradesh native who plays defense in the right corner, made his PKL debut in Season 8 and finished the year as JPP’s second-best defender. Additionally, he has been hired for Season 9 top corner pairings.

In-person Pro Kabaddi Season 9 viewing of the young defender was enjoyable. Ankush went on to become the top defensive player in the country, never giving the impression that he was in his rookie season. He played defense with remarkable maturity, making it challenging for the raiders to score against him. Jaipur Pink Panthers left corner tallied 89 tackle points.

Aman and Saurabh Nandal (Bengaluru Bulls)

The Bull was a firecracker on the mat and managed to keep the raiders at bay despite playing as a right corner instead of his usual left cover position. The Bulls’ raiders were able to express themselves freely since he assumed the scoring burden in the defense. With 72 tackle points for Bengaluru Bulls, Saurabh Nandal was a dependable defender.

This season, the tackler put out a strong effort for the Bulls’ defense. He was a crucial part of the Bengaluru Bulls’ playoff run. Aman shows excellent character by using his strong grasp to dispatch the raiders. The left corner collected three High 5s and Super Tackles, totaling 60 tackle points top corner pairings.

This season, Bengaluru Bulls’ most reliable defender was the seasoned Saurabh Nandal. He was the team’s primary defender and counted on Aman, another reliable corner, for help. He had 72 tackle points. Along with partner Nandal, the left corner was a dependable force, amassing 60 tackle points.

Sunil and Mohammadreza Chiyaneh (Patna Pirates)

The top two defenders in Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season 9 were Ankush Rathee of the Jaipur Pink Panthers and Mohammedreza Chiyaneh of the Patna Pirates, with 89 and 84 tackle points, respectively. In his first season, Season 9, Ankush outperformed more seasoned players Sunil Kumar and Sahul Kumar to become the league’s top defenders. The best defender in season 8 was an Iranian named Chiyaneh, who continued his outstanding play for a second straight year top corner pairings.

The Iranian produced 84 tackle points for the Pirates, giving the defense a rock-solid appearance. Mohammadreza Chiyaneh was the second-best defender in the league this season thanks to his reckless style. He and Sunil got along well when they were on the mat. With 41 tackle points, the right corner Sunil was crucial to the Pirates’ defense top corner pairings.

Gulia Sahil and Sagar (Tamil Thalaivas)

Tamil Thalaivas, who defeated Bengal Warriors, is now ranked seventh. The Sagar-led group has three draws, six victories, and twelve losses. With 162 raid points, Narender has been the Thalaivas’ go-to player. Ajinkya Pawar and Himanshu Singh, who has totaled 59 and 32 raid points, respectively, are also members of their raiding team. Sagar, who leads the Thalaivas’ defense with 43 tackle points, has taken over in the meanwhile. Sahil Gulia, who has 36 tackle points, and M. Abishek, who has 28 tackle points, both provide assistance to the captain’s top corner pairings.

With 57 tackle points, Sahil Gulia was the top defender for the Tamil Thalaivas. In tandem with Sagar, another defensive veteran, he demonstrated his mettle for his team with strong defense. Similar to Sahil Gulia, Sagar was outstanding for the Thalaivas during this season, scoring 53 tackle points top corner pairings.

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Mohit and Rinku (U Mumba)

PKL: Rinku, Ashish, and Mohit propel U Mumba to a crushing victory over Bengal Warrior’s top corner pairings.

The Bengal Warriors got things going with the opening raid, which was led by Maninder Singh. They then scooped up some crucial points to take an early lead. Despite this, U Mumba, who are renowned for their defensive team, fought back by super tackling Maninder.

Soon later, when the momentum began to change, Surinder Singh devised another Super Tackle top corner pairings.

The Warriors had given U Mumba a second chance midway through the first half as the game had heated up. From that point on, both teams alternated raids and tackles.

As the U Mumba side made significant progress, Jai Bhagwan and Surinder were there to assist.

Rinku chipped up with another Super Tackle, eliminating the Warriors’ advantage.

top corner pairings For U Mumba, who finished the half with the game in their favor, Ashish participated in a Super Raid. In the second quarter of the first half, U Mumba came roaring back, and they led 21-13 at the interval.

For the Mumboys, who earned 59 tackle points in this season of Vivo Pro Kabaddi, Rinku was a dependable defender. He demonstrated that he was a shrewd operator and a clinical tackler. He was paired with Mohit, a rookie who helped U Mumba win the event with 44 tackle points.

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