Ukrainian FPV drone blitz into Russia’s terrifying artillery system

Ukrainian first-person view (FPV) drone has crashed into Russia’s terrifying TOS-1A thermobaric artillery system in Donbas.

Drone footage shared by the Security Service of Ukraine, or SBU, on the 8th March shows the FPV drone flying straight into Russia’s TOS-1A multiple launch rocket system (MLRS).

The video was shared along with the caption: “Warriors of the Special Operations Center “A” of the Security Service of Ukraine burned up a Russian heavy flamethrower system “Solntsepek” right at the moment of its firing.”


The TOS-1A Solntsepek, or Sunshine, is a Russian-made heavy thermobaric multiple rocket launcher. The heavy flamethrower system is generally similar to multiple-launch rocket systems, however it fires different types of rockets and has a much shorter firing range.

The combat vehicle is fitted with a rotating launch system capable of holding up to 24 unguided thermobaric rockets, which can be launched within six to 12 seconds. Solntsepek’s munitions release a large cloud of flammable gas and cause massive explosions.

The terrifying artillery system was designed to attack enemy-fortified positions and lightly armored vehicles and transports, particularly in open terrain.

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