The Importance of Brand Trust

It’s hard to argue that the importance of brand trust is not essential. And sure, some brands make a ton of cash in the short-term without building trust, but with the increased competition in many industries, building trust as a brand is more important than ever.

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That’s what author and marketing expert Melanie Deziel and I discussed on this episode of “The Business Storytelling Show.” We covered:

  • What is brand trust?
  • The importance of brand trust
  • How do brands build trust?
  • What about keeping trust?

The importance of brand trust: What is brand trust?

Brand trust means that customers see the brand as a believable partner. Yes, the brand needs to and wants to make money, but the customer trusts it. The customer sees the brand as:

  • doing what’s best for them
  • making good decisions that keep the customer top of mind
  • offering something of value
  • honorable
  • believable

The importance of brand trust Prove it with Melanie Deziel

Building and keeping brand trust helps companies build relationships with their customers for the long term. But, of course, trust is earned.

The good news is that companies – including marketing teams – can prioritize and continuously work on brand trust. That includes:

  • content that consumers see about your brand – everything from email marketing to advertising to blog posts
  • the decision-making process – how easy (or hard) is buying from you?
  • every touch point with the brand, including customer service, the digital experience, and everything in-between

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