Picard Season 3 Just Forever Redefined A Key Next Generation Relationship

In “Seventeen Seconds,” the newest episode of “Star Trek: Picard,” it is revealed Picard and Dr. Crusher did indeed consummate their relationship, much to their mutual chagrin. Picard mentioned in an earlier episode that he and Beverly attempted to instigate a romantic relationship about five time to date, and it simply never took. One can look at each character and see how a relationship would be perfect … and just as immediately how it would be a bad idea. With two powerful, intelligent people, neither would necessarily want to cede to the other. They complemented each other well as colleagues, but wouldn’t necessarily mesh outside the purview of Starfleet. 

When Crusher and Picard finally confront one another in “Seventeen Seconds,” it’s an outpouring of animosity. As it turns out, the last time Picard and Crusher saw each other was over 20 years before during an ill-fated sexual tryst. Beverly became pregnant with her son, Jack, and never wanted to tell Picard about his existence. Jack (Ed Speelers) is now grown, and travels the galaxy with his mom distributing medicine to worlds outside of the Federation. 

Why didn’t Beverly call Jean-Luc? Why aren’t they married or living together as a family unit? As it so happens, it was Picard’s career — and it’s propensity for constant crisis — that drove a wedge between them. Beverly says that she was able to protect her own son, but the son of a famous Starfleet admiral who is often kidnapped or in mortal peril? Not so easy. Picard is naturally upset that Dr. Crusher kept the secret from him, saying that he cannot be penalized for his absentee fatherhood when he was never told he had a child. 

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