I bought a ‘purebreed Toy Poodle’ for £200 but was baffled when it grew into something completely different

A WOMAN was left baffled when her seemingly innocent ‘purebreed Toy Poodle’ grew into something completely different.

The dog owner spent £200 on the pup but took to TikTok when she made a bizarre discovery.

The content creator bought her pup for £200 in the Philippines


The content creator bought her pup for £200 in the PhilippinesCredit: TikTok/@anacasandragarcia
The dog mum was left baffled when her "purebreed Toy Poodle" wouldn't stop growing


The dog mum was left baffled when her “purebreed Toy Poodle” wouldn’t stop growingCredit: TikTok/@anacasandragarcia
She took to TikTok to share her story


She took to TikTok to share her storyCredit: TikTok/@anacasandragarcia

The woman uploaded a video showcasing her pet as a puppy, before cutting to a shot of what it looks like now.

From a small, fluffy pup, the dog has grown into a large dark haired dog which the content creator has admitted is not a Toy Poodle.

The caption read: “We bought this “Purebreed Toy Poodle” for 15,000 at Tiendesitas 2 months ago – Until he grew longer each day”.

Ana Casandra Garcia, also known on TikTok as shopwithac, bought her pup for £200 at a pet shop in the Tiendesitas shopping centre located in the Philippines.

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Many of her followers have flocked to her comments, sharing their thoughts and advice for the baffled dog mum.

One wrote: “Adopt don’t shop”.

Another said: “Even as a puppy didn’t look like a toy poodle tho”.

A third commented: “If she’s pure breed poodle, she’s supposed to have curly hair already”.

Many also mentioned how “cute” the pooch was, regardless of the breed confusion.

The TikToker also took to the platform to share another video collage of her puppy with the caption “When you get scammed by a Pet Shop at Tiendesitas into buying a Toy Poodle”.

The video then cuts to a photo of the straight haired dog stretched out on the floor with Ana giving it a confused side eye.

In the UK, when someone buys a purebred dog they should be provided with certain paperwork and legal documents.

These documents include a signed contract of sale, insurance details and papers on the puppy’s pedigree, microchip and vaccinations.

It is unclear whether this same process is carried out when purchasing a purebred dog in the Philippines.

This also follows how one family raised a mutt for two years before realising it was actually an endangered animal.

The family’s beloved “Tibetan mastiff” eventually weighed over 250 pounds before they found out they had been raising an Asiatic black bear.

It turns out the animal is highly profitable on the black market and easily fetches thousands of dollars in illegal sales.

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And the owners family isn’t the first one to make this kind of mistake, according to reports.

Local media reported that a man from Yunnan province, China, raised a bear after finding it alone in the forest and believed that it was a stray dog.

People commented on how her puppy "didn't look like a Toy Poodle"


People commented on how her puppy “didn’t look like a Toy Poodle”Credit: TikTok/@anacasandragarcia
Ana shared a photo of what her dog looks like now


Ana shared a photo of what her dog looks like nowCredit: TikTok/@anacasandragarcia

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