Ariana Madix Spotted After Breakup, Comfort Food And Sweats Is

Ariana Madix is sick of the media coverage already and it’s just getting started! The reality star flipped off the paps for hanging around outside her home.

Ariana Madix Just Wants Her McDs

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The blonde beauty made it clear that she wants no attention from the crap that is going down between her ex-boyfriend and co-star Raquel Leviss. She was spotted opening the door to a friend who was bringing over the ultimate comfort food, McDonalds.

In the photos obtained by Page Six, Ariana is seen flipping off the paps with an extremely angry look on her face, she did just get cheated on. She also allegedly yelled “f**k off” to them. As for the meal the 37-year-old was chowing down on, we don’t know but she did have a large drink to go with it.

Ariana wore light grey sweatpants and a dark grey crew sweater, she looks shocked to see the paparazzi hanging out in front of her home and she was obviously in no mood to smile or wave or even have her photo taken.

Ariana Madix Cheated On By Tom Sandoval

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Even if you aren’t a fan of the Bravo show, you must have seen that Tom’s around the world are getting blasted for what one dirty Tom has done to one of the most beloved reality TV stars. Not only did he cheat on Ariana, but the affair also went on for over six months.

Once Ariana found out she allegedly called it quits and deleted her social media account. Her co-stars, friends, and her brother Jeremy Madix have come to her defense. Jeremy wrote a lengthy comment on James Kennedy’s post about the affair calling out Tom and blasting Raquel as a social climber.

Currently, on the show, Raquel is hooking up with or trying to hook up with Tom Schwartz. He is vulnerable after the divorce from Katie Maloney and for some reason, Raquel is claiming that so many people like Scheana Marie are pushing him on her.

Tom Sandoval Was Spotted Too

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The frontman of the cover band Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras was also seen around town, twice actually. Once when he was packing up to move out of the home he once shared with Ariana. The second time, he was seen strolling in the neighborhood with his headphones on and smoking a cigarette.

He was wearing all black as if he is in mourning, a black coat, black jeans, black sneakers, black shirt, a bit dramatic but what can you expect from a suspect narcissist?

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This is Tom’s first appearance since he wrote an Instagram post begging those pissed off with him to not take it out on his businesses, his employees, his band, and his friends. He shared that Schwartz specifically had no idea what was happening until recently.

He also pointed out that most of his friends have not condoned his bad behavior therefore, they don’t need deserved to be attacked.

Fans quickly pointed out that he didn’t mention a word about Ariana, not a flutter of an apology and it appears, to them felt like he had no remorse for his actions.

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