20 On-Trend Items From Our Favorite Women-Founded Brands

In case you missed the memo, March is Women’s History Month, and I’m celebrating the only way an editor knows how: with a shopping spree at Nordstrom. I know, I know—you may not see the connection there, but supporting my favorite women-founded brands is a special way to honor women everywhere. Season after season, the creativity from women designers knows no bounds. From Sarah Staudinger of the editor favorite Staud to Desiree Kleinen of understated luxury brand Ree Projects, these women and their designs arm us with outfit confidence every day. My favorite pieces from their collections (and a plethora of on-trend apparel and accessories) can be shopped at Nordstrom below. So join me in supporting these women founders, and make some important upgrades to your wardrobe while you’re at it.

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